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Cohousing signage.


In 2011, a small group of visionary individuals began conversations with the city of Goshen about the creation of a Cohousing development.  The property we now occupy was a former brownfield rehabilitated by the city. In 2013, the proposal for a Cohousing development was accepted and incorporation followed in 2014. The city required much infrastructure, including reinforced fire lanes, stormwater system, parking lots and sidewalks, to support the residences. Geotechnical problems were encountered after excavation began in 2016 requiring additional funds from the city as well as the affected property owners. The first residents moved into their home in May 2018.

Early Members participated in the design of the neighborhood with the Lead builder/developer/Member. After the construction of the first several homes, this individual had to step down for medical reasons. The group named another Member as the Lead developer of the property and Members had to hire other builders for the construction of their homes. In total, four builders have been involved in this Cohousing development project.

As of January 2023, we are in the final development stages of our Cohousing project. The last private home is now occupied and we anticipate the completion of the Common House in the spring of 2023.

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