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Our neighborhood is comprised of 14 households along an old hydraulic canal near downtown Goshen. Two rows of single-family homes face a central corridor with a network of interconnecting sidewalks. Five residences along with the Common House border the canal and nine residences are located along River Race Drive. This layout is designed such that welcoming spaces transition to more private ones. 

If you ask what it's like to live in this community of intentional neighboring, we could tell you about shared yard tools, community gardens, regularly scheduled potluck meals, a Common House for gathering and a group of caring people who value diversity, cherish the earth and want to live sustainably. We could also tell you about our amazing location along the Millrace Canal Trail and that it's just a short walk to downtown Goshen.

Our privately owned homes have been built and landscaped according to individual tastes. Our houses are energy efficient with accessible design. Front porches invite conversation while private patios are used for retreat and relaxation. The Common House will provide a place for neighbors to gather, share, play, eat and celebrate together. 

If you would ask about community expectations, we would tell you about monthly meetings, our various committees and group workdays. Members own their home as well as 1/14th of the common property. All are responsible for caring for and maintaining the shared spaces.

If you would ask about the costs of living in this neighborhood, we could tell you about yearly fees that have been kept to a minimum, and are much less than those of many housing developments. Costs are kept low because each Member helps with the community's shared tasks according to one's skills and interests. 

We invite you to visit Millrace Cohousing where you will likely find enthusiasm for our community of sharing, hospitality and goodwill!

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